"The Family Guide" - A Soccer & Scholarship Journey

The Family Guide For The College Soccer & Scholarship Journey was written by a soccer family, for soccer families. Like many of you, we wanted our son to select the right academic school with the right soccer program and, hopefully, receive some scholarship funds along the way. Also, like many of you, we were not quite sure of what we needed to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who should be doing what. Basically, we knew very little about the “process”. So, we rolled up our sleeves, looked, listened, read, and asked a lot of questions. The end result was that our son received over 40 serious recruiting opportunities. He eventually acquired a substantial scholarship at a top 10 Division 1 soccer school with excellent academic credentials. We now want to share our experiences with you in the hopes of making your experience easier, profitable, and as enjoyable as ours. This was our motivation for writing this book.

Here's What People Are Saying About This Book

"The Family Guide For The College Soccer & Scholarship Journey” is the perfect primer for both soccer players and their parents. Rich Rydarowski went through the process with his now long graduated soccer playing son, Jon, so speaks from experience. It explores all the pertinent questions and helps each family figure out their own path to finding the right college soccer program. Plenty of tips, advice, real-world anecdotes and practical information. Smartly organized and a fast read, it is a valuable tool for every college-interested soccer player

~ Lynn Berling-Manuel Former CEO & Publisher Soccer America Magazine

Rich’s book paints a fantastic picture of the college search process. It explains the college search process from the eyes of his son Jon, and allows the family to understand the importance of the player taking a proactive role in this exciting and sometimes anxious journey. It’s a great read! The book is a fantastic tool for any prospective college student athlete who has the goal of playing intercollegiate athletics at any level. Highly recommended!

~ Andy Walker, Executive Director & Director of Club Development Beach FC

I highly recommend this book to all players aspiring to play college soccer. Parents, this is a great tool to help guide you and your daughter or son toward getting a better insight as to what needs to be done to make it at the next level. I send a high percentage of my club players into college soccer programs and we plan to use this book as the written guide for our club families.

~ Alex Pama, former CEO Redwings SC, USSF A License & DutchKNVB TC 2 License holder and professional soccer scout

Your “Family Guide For The College Soccer & Scholarship Journey” should be in the house of every young soccer player. You have compiled answers to the questions parents and players have but can not easily find elsewhere. You book changes all that!

~ Tripp McCubrey, Parent of former 11th grade player and current DI Player

The Family Guide For The College Soccer & Scholarship Journey” is an invaluable roadmap for your aspiring college soccer player. The information in this guide will give you every edge in selecting the right school, getting positive exposure at these schools, and securing the maximum scholarship dollars that are available. We will be using this as our “playbook” for our son

~ Barry Fischel, Parent of 8th grade player


Jeff Stalting said...

Have read the book and love it, my wife, daughter, and I are using it in our own college journey..thanks

Richard Rydarowski said...

Thanks Jeff

Did you get the book in Atlanta? Hopefully the book will help. Do as many of our suggestions as you can and enjoy the famlies journey

Rich R

Tammy said...

This book really helped guide my daughter and myself as to what steps are necessary in the college decision process. A MUST READ

Kevin Hollingsworth said...

Hello Jon and Rich. You have put together a wonderful instructional book here. We would like to do another information session when this fall

Lee S. said...

Great transaction...great book...thanks guys

Anonymous said...

My daughter recenly received a partial scholarship to Jacksonville. Thanks for the guidence guys

Rich R said...

A simple suggestion to parents and players on "traveling" teams with players interested in continuing their soccer experience in college. "Just talk amongst yourselves". You will be surprised what you will learn and what you can share with other members of your team